Day 15

So. Uh. Hey.
I may or may not have gotten addicted to this game, or more specifically, shiny hunting in this game.
On Twitter I've been keeping track of the shinies I've gotten, and how many I've gotten, which is sitting at 41 right now.
Yeah, a little excessive. But I also completed my Pokedex and got the shiny charm again!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!
But heres a full list of the shiny Pokemon I got.
Gastly, Shroodle, Flaaffy, Tatsugiri x2, Iron Valiant, Golduck, Cyclizar, Skiddo, Girafarig, Dunsparce x3, Cubchoo, Drakloak, Pawmo x3, Muk, Zoroark, Sandygast, Hoppip x3, Fletchling, Deerling, Riolu, Marill, Altaria, Lycanroc, Charcadet, Hatenna, Bronzong x2, Iron Bundle, Gible, Toedscool, Smoliv, Espeon, Meditite, and Dachsbun. So ya, pretty cool.
I have a lot of other shinies I want to try and get, but I really need to like. Stop playing. Mainly for my physical health because wow my joint pain is going crazy!!!!!!!

Day 3

Today marks what is pretty much the end of the story.

I'm probably not going to go into too much detail about what happened, mainly because I am exhausted in every possible way.
Pretty much, I gathered up my pals, we climbed onto Miraidon, and we set off on Turo's (really messed up) quest.

Turo was really sus this whole time. Perhaps he was an imposter, I thought. Reading the little books inside the research stations pretty much confirmed that straight away.

And I got to meet a bunch of paradox Pokemon in the crater! I'm a sucker for robots, if you couldn't tell.
Going into the depths of the crater was honestly so cool. The whole environment was awesome, with the waterfalls and crystals. I caught a few of the paradox Pokemon on my way into the cave.
Honestly, I loved this part of the story so much. Nemona, Penny, and Arven are all super fun characters, and I loved their interactions. I started getting some Portal vibes once I got into the man-made areas as well.

And then they finally did that thing I've been wanting them to do for years AGAIN.
I always wanted there to be a good reason as to why a child would be capturing these deities of space and earth, and I finally got a good legendary Pokemon that felt like, "Yeah, okay, a child could probably have this thing after all."
And there being TWO Miraidon? Not only does it give you a reason to own it, but it also explains why co-op players can reasonably have a duplicate.
So like that part of the story happens, we fight it out a bit again, and then I go into this chamber and like???????

This fight was so cool. The fact that Arven's dad is dead? Not as cool. But this fight was cool. The fact that he has all his Pokemon in master balls is so fucking cool??? Everything about it was cool, I just kinda wish the place we were fighting it was a bit cooler and not as disorienting.
So I kinda easily beat him, gawked at Iron Valiant for a while, and then the story carried on. Did I cry? A little. My emotions are a bit out of wack rn. I just felt bad for Arven.

But, I dunno. Sorry if this is too brief, but I'm really tired and I feel a little out of it haha.
If I'm honest, this game might be my favorite in main-line Pokemon. I dunno if it beats out Black 2, but holy shit it was fun.
I might not update this little blog thingy for a few days bc of life stuff, but I'll play a bit on and off and update about my progress on the Pokedex and shiny hunt!

Day 2

Boy, do I have a story to tell today.
I picked up pretty much where I left off last night, having just beat Iono, I went to fight the steel Titan, the weird giant worm. Which was actually so funny?? I love how he just has those little ball arms lmao. It was really easily taken out by Ekubo, same with the poison type Team Star leader. I should mention that I caught a new member along the way, a Girafarig named Nibel, and he also helped out with the Team Star base. After all that and upgrading Miraidon, I took a major detour back to the psychic type gym in fear that I would be stupidly overleveled for it if I didn't take it on, but I was actually the perfect level. Going through the cave, I had Salty evolve!

(wow! fruity ass bird!)
The gym ended up being super easy with Shin though.
I wound up finding a bunch of Sinistea, and having looked up how to evolve Charcadet, I took out a bunch for materials and got the item to evolve Blackquill.

Here he is! Man, Cerluedge is such an awesome Pokemon.
Taking another detour I figured I could finally take on that giant terrifying future Donphan that was running around the desert, so I easily took it out with Salty and Ekubo. That thing was a pain. I kept trying to wander around the desert and it would randomly roll into the battles I got into. Total jumpscare. I hated it. I just wanted it gone. Lmao.
After that, and some more major exploration, I headed over to the False Dragon Titan since it was on the way to the next gym, and I had to kill like 50 Tatsugiri which had my heart absolutely bleeding. I love Tatsugiri so much. Why'd they make me kill that many. I ended up having to use one of the fairy bread dogs I caught to make things a little easier.
But oh boy. Here comes the second best part of today's story.

I love this guy. He's just a guy??? He's just a guy. Of course I had to be stupidly overleveled for this dude's gym (I am not happy about that) and easily took him out with Shin.
I went to the ice gym next, which was super easy with Blackquill. On that mountain I did find another member of the team, an Arctibax I named Gojira. It looks pretty cool. By the way, I had to box Bush. :( Sad, but I hate having duplicate types on my team. Fearing (once again) that I'd be overleveled for something, I went and fought the fighting Team Star leader. This is the only boss fight I failed the whole game so far. Eri kinda just obliterated my team. I tried again, and found success by setting up toxic spikes, but damn. That hurt my ego. I went over to the ghost type gym next, which surprise surprise, I was overleveled for!!! Yay!!!
So Nibel and Blackquill super easily swept through that. It's a shame-I thought the leader and her Pokemon were really cool.
Last, but not least, I fought the fairy Team Star leader. I'm not even going to go in detail with it okay Ekubo absolutely swept through it with ease.
So, with everything pretty much done, I went and finished up the Team Star quest first by facing off against Clavell. The entire time I was kinda like,, "I know you're not Cassiopeia, please let me beat you and leave." So I went through his team, blah blah he's not Cassiopeia, and surprisingly enough Penny is!!! I totally did not suspect this upon first meeting her./s
So I fight her and her cute little team of Eeveelutions, and her and the rest of Team Star have a very cute moment together. I like the leaders of Team Star-actually, I quite like every character in this game. They feel a lot more like people, and more importantly people I care about, than the characters in SWSH did (cough cough I hate SWSH thank you).

So I wrap that up and go back to face Arven again. And I lied. I must've lost to him about 5 times before actually beating him. He pretty much tells me afterwards, "GO BEAT THE LEAGUE!!!!!" So I go and do that.
Here's where the fun starts.

I go in. The team is Salty, Ekubo, Shin, Gojira, Blackquill, and Nibel. Solid. We're ready. Rika (who has like the best design ever) comes in with her ground types. Gojira takes care of most of them, Salty does some work, it's all good. Easy. Poppy comes in next, and Shin and Ekubo take her team out easy. And now, imagine my surprise: me, wondering who the one Elite Four member I haven't seen is, adoring Larry, and then it's just Larry??? He's just there???????? I'm hyped about it. I'm popping off. Larry brings out his flying types, which somehow I didn't see coming? So Nibel, having thunderbolt, and Gojira take out most of his team.
Now, I'm still hyped. I know Hassel is up next. I don't know what type he's going to use. I suspected either fire or dragon, so I let Ekubo take the lead.
I had some trouble with this one. I set up my funny little toxic spikes again, and Noivern takes out Ekubo. Fine, fine. It's alright, I have Nibel.
Nibel goes out.
I start throwing everything I have at this stupid thing, and eventually take it out with Gojira.
And then there's a Haxorus. So I throw everything I have at it again, and it's 99% toxic that ends up taking it out, 1% Shin hitting it with something. Dragalge is easy-revive Gojira, take it out with ice beam. Same with Flapple.
And then he has his own Baxcalibur.
Baxcalibur is a funny little thing-it has this move, Glaive Rush. It's super powerful, but the opposing Pokemon are guaranteed their next two moves will hit, and be twice as powerful. So I struggle for a bit since this thing is Tera'd up, but eventually Shin takes it out with a double kick.

Okay, time for the true challenge.
Ekubo leads, Geeta sends out that ostrich thing. So I send out Shin.
And here's where the Shin sweep begins.
First impression, Espathra is out. Avalugg? A couple of double kicks, it's out. Kingambit? I'm getting cocky. I've never used X items before, but I throw an X Attack at Shin and take Kingambit out with a double kick. Veluza goes down to a dark pulse. Gogoat? Easy, leech life. Glimmora, however, was scary. It's a rock type. Not being one to back down from a challenge, (and being stupidly cocky, hyped, and stubborn all at once) I keep Shin in, and use double kick. It got some damage in, great. I keep healing, waiting for the perfect moment to throw in some more double kicks.
And then, in my moment of greatness, I use the final double kick, and I realize I just swept the champion with my funny little bug buddy.

I'm unbelivably proud of her. Of course I had to take a picture, and right after, Shin began running circles around me in delight. That may or may not have made me shed a tear.
The fun didn't end there-I got to fight Nemona again! Going through her team pretty easily with my funny spikes and fruity ass bird, I took the W.

And just like that, all three main quests were complete!

Now, this isn't the place where I'm planning to share my thoughts on the story or gameplay or anything, I'm saving that for one of my funny little rant essays. But I will say, I had fun. I'm still having fun, as there's much more fun to be had! We still have to find out what the fuck a Miraidon is-don't forget!
So, tomorrow, I'll finish that part of the game up, and then start gearing up for Pokedex completion!

Day 1

I think the first part of this should really be called "everyone else's nightmare and my best outcome". I've been trying to avoid any and all story spoilers-and I pretty much have which is really impressive-so booting up the game to around an hour of introduction was a very very welcome surprise. I keep it no secret that I love Sun and Moon, and this beginning felt like a much less hand-holdy version of that. I'm sure upon replaying the game it'd be annoying, but I personally just really don't mind. And I think Nemona is cool, so getting to know her through that was nice.
Anyways, they made choosing your starter feel so much more difficult this time around. Getting to walk around with all three and then being forced to choose just one? Wow. Brutal. But of course, I had to choose Quaxly.

His name is Salty, by the way.
On my way to the school I caught like,, too many things. So I started wonder trading for a bit and wound up with a Fuecoco? I gave up after a while since I kept getting Hoppips every single time. I also caught a Paldean Wooper, who I named Ekubo. It seemed fitting-he was smiling. I pretty much made it a point to catch any new Pokemon I saw, so my team for a while was filled with Pokemon I didn't plan on keeping for all too long.
Also, maybe I should talk about this dorky little dinosaur.

Honestly, this thing reminds me a lot of Toothless, and it's really cute. The way you meet it is fun, and again, I'm a sucker for Sun and Moon. Getting to meet and interact with the legendary this early on is just so fun to me.
So, blowing through a whole lot of me just messing around and exploring for hours on end, I finally wound up at my first gym-THE BUG TYPE ONE.
But I couldn't just go straight there. I spotted an NPC with a Nymble and it was love at first sight. Nymble is absolutely adorable, so I had to make a detour and find one as soon as possible.
So I did, and I guess it only took me like 2 hours once you factor in the fact that I just kept going and didn't stop exploring.
Regardless, I named my Nymble Shin, and set off to fight the gym leader.
Of course I won. I had put one of those salt Pokemon on my team.

She is very cute, by the way. And let me say, I have been wanting gym leaders to use more than just one type of Pokemon for the last like 10 years of my life, and even though they share a tera type, I'm still so thrilled to see gym leaders with random Pokemon.
After beating the gym, I went to go and take care of Arven's little side quest. I kinda hated him when I first met him, but maybe he isn't so bad.

The titan battles are fun-I just think I'm more in it to learn about this weird herb and help Arven's poor old dog.
After that, and more exploring for hours on end, I finally went into the Team Star base and beat the dark type leader. I didn't think Pokemon would ever have me fighting a car-but here we are, I suppose. That was pretty funny.
I'm kinda breezing through things to tell you about my Bush, honestly.

This is Bush, and I have a severe emotional attachment to him now.
I found him in the desert and couldn't stop laughing at how silly it was that a tumbleweed could just be a Pokemon. So of course I caught him. And then I accidentally fell in love with him.
When I replayed Pokemon Black 2 this year, I had something similar happen with a Litwick I caught named Top10Lamps-or Lamps for short. Lamps finally has a friend, and I hope that one day they can meet.
But I got curious. Can Bush evolve? So I looked it up.

Yes, he could.
It only took me a few hours of walking around with him and strengthening my bond with this little tumbleweed prince-but I evolved him, and now he can smile. I'm so happy and proud of him, even if he can't pull his weight on the team.
Oh, and I beat the water gym while I did that.
Closing off the night, I went and fought the Titan Klawf, the grass gym, the fire Team Star base, and Iono.
I can't remember any of the other gym leader's names except for Iono.
But she was cool! I liked her gym challenge the best so far.

Oh! And Shin evolved somewhere down the line as well.

Lokix is such an awesome Pokemon. I don't care what the meta says, Lokix is awesome.
The only other notable member of the team is Blackquill, the Charcadet. I thought Cerluedge was a legendary this whole time. It just looked too cool not to be a legendary Pokemon. Hopefully I'll find out how you're supposed to evolve it soon because Blackquill is not the best at pulling their weight on the team. They have saved the day a few times, though. Shoutout to Blackquill.
But that's pretty much it for today's little funny Pokemon blog thing. I'm really tired, hence why this blog is probably all over the place and awful to read. But I wanted to do it anyways. Byeeeee