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hey buddy what's new


happy new year! redecorated blogs page and home page a bit. still gotta work on blogs tho. i have a button now too! i wanna make more that look like the other parts of my site but for now it's just that one :) i dunno how they work so uhh i hope you guys do


yeah uhhh *redecorates instead of working on my wips*


gonna redo about me again lmfao i saw a pinterest and now im inspired


updates r slow... i'm lazy!!!!


slowly adding more things to writing


1000 views!! that's more views than the population of an extremely extremely small town! thank you!
about me is nearly finished


redoing about me page... will finish tomorrow


homepage update (still not done lmao)


stuff in writing now!!


updated collection


redid about me page,, might change it again i'm not totally diggin it


brand new art tab :o


adjustments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! redid home page (hi!! ur here :D)


added some stuff to collection, cosmetic stuff, i dunno. (cat in blogs)


blogs button works. random button works. there are things in the collection. collection is a wip lol i need a break.


the whole website.

hi!! welcome to my website :)

i share my art here and i have a blog!! and more stuff will be coming...

y'know... soon.

what is an ocktobot

octobot king (splatoon reference) + doc ock (spider-man reference)= ocktobot

where did you get that sick windows 98 css

right about here

why does everything look different

for funsies duh

where do i get cool graphics

gifcities, tumblr if u know where 2 look, and google

why doesn't this site work on mobile

because i can't code that's why

did you draw this stuff?

everything in art, i drew. there might be a few other things here and there i made as well, but for the most part it's ripped from the web.

something looks weird/is broken

ok tell me and i'll fix it

has anyone actually ever asked these questions?

nope. just figured i'd get them out of the way just in case tho

show/movie/game of the week

sonic x

song of the week

tadpoles lullaby - galen tipton