Janurary 19th

oof ouch don't bully me for not updating for like a month
very very eventful month tbh. we went to florida for christmas which honestly sucked bc i caught a cold and my immune system is ass so i was kinda out of order for like. two weeks.
also i hate being in florida. i just really really don't like warm places,, i'm a cold enjoyer. pine tree lover. snow enthusiast. i'd much rather be in the mountains for a christmas vacation.
anyways, depression also kinda started beating my ass so i haven't been doing like. anything but play pokemon and watch mob psycho. i got some reigen plushes for christmas and i have been enjoying looking at them :)
i also got a garfield clock. the kind like a kitty cat clock where the eyes and tail move. i love it a lot. it makes the nice little clock tick-tock noise which i adore. i've been wanting a kitty cat tick-tock clock forever, and it's garfield! which makes it a million times cooler imo. i love garfield.
but ya. depression sucks a lot. i do nothing, i eat nothing, i look at nothing, i sleep all day, i do nothing productive. i should be applying to jobs n college n stuff but it's like,, no energy. no motivation to think abt future. i'd rather sleep all day zzzzzz
in better news, finally just deleting the last social media i had kinda made me feel a lot lighter. having social media honestly just made me paranoid, even if it was just a tumblr i hardly used outside of posting. it just feels better to finally rid myself of the 9 year curse i had placed upon myself by just using social media at all. like,, i still have a twitter, but that's just for looking at nintendo news tbh. i don't really use it outside of that haha. it kinda feels like i totally fucked myself over by using instagram when i was 9. like what did i get out of that other than a lifetime of trust issues yk. i guess it's a live and learn thing. but i think things are better now. i want to focus on trying to get better in the real world rather than faking confidence online. that's what really matters to me now.