Feburary 9th

So, that direct. I kinda can't go into major detail about everything because I will literally explode out of pure joy. But. I was so surprised to see Ghost Trick I screamed a little. My throat still kinda hurts from that lmao.
Also. Katamari. I love Katamari. I love it so much. I'm so happy to be getting more Katamari on Switch. Also, I'm really excited about the new Layton game. I've never played Layton, but I've been really wanting to, so I'll pick it up. Metroid Prime was a really nice surprise. I'm going to wait to get a physical, but I've been wanting to play it for a while, so I'm really happy I'll be getting the chance to. Pikmin 4 looks super fun too! I've never played a Pikmin game but I've been dying to, so I'm planning on getting it as well. And GB and GBA games!!?!? I've been enjoying Kuru Kuru Kururin. I'd love to see Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! put on. Whenever I think of Gameboy, I always think of that game.
All in all I thought it was a great direct. Icing on the cake was seeing Splatoon's DLC. I really didn't think they'd be showing anything about it, but I'm so glad to see Inkopolis coming back. I know a lot of people never got to experience Splatoon 1, so I'm really happy they'll at least get to explore it. Also, I'm really hoping the Inkopolis DLC includes the first campaign. So many people didn't get to play it, and while I think 2 and 3 have better single player, I have such fond memories of playing Splatoon 1's story, and I want more people to get to play it too. But also holy fucking shit side order holy fuck what the fuck did they do to my girl Marina where is she what have they done to her my beloved come back. I have no idea what any of that trailer meant but in my head, I interpreted it as having something to do with Agent 8 and an absence of color. Also, I think you can catch a glimpse of Marie's foot here.

So maybe Marie has something to do with it? I could be totally wrong and that's someone else entirely. But Marie did appear next to 8 on the Chaos vs Order artwork soooooo
Also, I think we're going to be getting 2 more waves in additon to the 2 already shown. The DLC promo had 4 colors, and of those 4, only 2 were used. So hopefully we get Agent 4 DLC. Where is Agent 4. Where are they, Nintendo.
8/10 direct. Needed more Rhythm Heaven and Ace Attorney 7, less $70 Zelda.
On a more personal note. I am doing pretty okay. Game announcements and the upcoming SplatFest are making me very happy. But I've also been pretty stressed. A lot of my hair is falling out, and I'm not entirely sure why. I hope that goes away. I've also been feeling very overstimulated. I think I need to sleep more. I guess I'll go to bed after writing this. My back hurts from sitting almost all day. I only really got up to shower and go with my uncle for coffee. I've been grinding catalogue levels in Splatoon since I am a big dummy and only played Pokemon for 250 hours. I did 11 levels today, and I need to average 5 a day for the next 18 days in order to get all the rewards. Next time, I'll just play until I get one level each day. That way I won't have to grind like this again lol.