December 14th

So I've had an eventful last few days. I went to the mall over the weekend, and Nintendo had like a holiday thing set up there!! It was neat I got some pins and points and like this little holiday booklet :)
The main thing I really want to talk about though is that my little anime Christmas binge has begun :D I kinda do this every year where I pick out some anime to watch as like a 12 days of Christmas thing. It's like a little countdown to Christmas with my favorite shows. This year is mainly the same as the last except I plan to watch Tokyo Godfathers tomorrow, which I've never seen but was interested in. The internet tells me it's a Christmas-y movie, and it sounds pretty interesting.
Today I watched the Laid-Back Camp movie, and it was super cute!! I'm happy I finally got a chance to watch it, since I've been looking forward to it since it was announced. Laid-Back Camp and Moomin are my ultimate comfy shows, and I love to watch them during Winter and Autumn. Moomin is so lovely. It gives me the feeling of watching Ghibli movies as a kid again. I don't really have anything to talk about other than I hope it actually snows tomorrow like the weather app promises!!!