April 30th

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghfgjfdhgjkdfg sorry for not updating for a month
i've been a little busy. yk. as busy as it gets for me. i forget if i mentioned it on here, but we adopted a cat in feburary. his name is merf and he's very very silly goofy. i love him. my other cat dio recently just came around to him and they've been playing together a bunch. it's super cute. merf loves to scream. he's always yelling. it's pretty funny tbh.
but also, i've been exercising a lot more. i started going to the gym, taking walks whenever it's not pouring down rain or unbearably hot. feels pretty good to actually be able to go out and do things. for years my anxiety ensured i couldn't, but since going on meds i've felt a whole lot better, so i've just been enjoying what feels like a new lease on life.
haha i'm still a loser though i caught like 50 more shiny pokemon since the last time i updated LMAO.
here's a picture of merf btw

oh, i should probably mention i've been working on a new homepage. yes. i am dissatisfied with the current one again. dunno when it'll be done, but it'll be done eventually i suppose.