you can call me ocktobot
they/he/she/xey, 19
nonbinary, lesbian, ace

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html and css are hobbies of mine, so don't bully me if things look bad LOL

casual interests

digimon, mp100, mlpfim, portal, jjba, tloz, moomin, aitsf, furby, + a lot more

i'm insane abt these things

splatoon, ace attorney (aa5 my beloved), nintendo, the video game industry, pokemon, marketing for some reason, ants (the critter), + more probably

other thingz

i'm very open to making friends, so long as you aren't a minor. please use tone tags if we chat!!! send me an email or twitter dm. just please dni if you're a minor (you're welcome to follow me or ask questions, just please don't expect a convo), are a disney adult, fit basic dni, ship cykesquill, blankshippers, other weird incest-y ships.