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Resources for This Site

■Webmaster■> My Google Drive A Google Drive filled with offical renders and artwork I've pulled from offical sites.

■Webmaster■> My other Google Drive This drive has files I ripped from the game itself.

■Webmaster■> Offical Splatoon 3 Website The offical Splatoon 3 website, where most of those renders came from.

■Webmaster■> Inkipedia A dedicated Splatoon Wikipedia. They've got a lot of images from the artbooks and games, and is generally a good source of information.

Resources for Splatoon

Ocktobot> A lot of these links are competitive resources, but there are a few lore focused ones thrown in.

■Webmaster■> Squid School A YouTube channel dedicated to providing tips on how to improve at playing competitively and casually.

■Webmaster■> ThatSrb2DUDE A professional Splatoon player who posts fun content alongside helpful tutorials, tips, and pro gameplay.

■Webmaster■> ProChara Another professional Splatoon player who posts guides, pro gameplay, and other entertaining content.

■Webmaster■> Liquipedia A Wikipedia for Splatoon tournaments.

■Webmaster■> A place to create, view, and analyze builds. Also has a section for viewing and joining competitions.

■Webmaster■> JelonzoBot Current stage rotations for Splatoon 1, 2 and 3.

■Webmaster■> rassicas Very in-depth videos on Splatoon lore. They also translate a lot of Japan exclusive content.

HTML Resources

Other Sites

■Webmaster■> The VG Resource Contains all types of rips from video games-including models, textures, sprites, and more.